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Not so complicated. At Karamel London, we believe the beauty of a woman lies in her skin and face. Our products develop and enhance each person’s individuality and beauty.

Hence our mission to build the pride and self-confidence of every woman through the provision of top-quality skincare, makeup, lashes and hair extensions.

We aim to be a globally respected company. We also aim to be the first choice of skincare products and makeup for every woman.

At Karamel London, we are hardworking, smart, and purpose-driven, and we strive to maintain our brand reputation with its unrivalled quality, professionalism, and excellent service.

Our values are transparency and consistency. These values help drive our brand toward continued success and to remain a benchmark. At Karamel London, we deliver exceptional customer service and professionalism as we are committed and dedicated to giving our customers quality products.

We value quality over quantity. Karamel London offers a carefully designed approach to skincare and the art of beauty as we believe in empowering women through our products.