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Tech Traders Inc. is the developer of Insuladd products and was formed by David Page following his participation in 1995 and 1996 with NASA in its Technology Exchange program.

David, wanted assistance developing coatings and paints that create a useful thermal reflectance and which would owners enhance their insulation. After reading an article in the local paper advertising NASA technical assistance available to small business, he contacted Marshall’s Technology Utilization Office, now the Technology Transfer program office, a division of that Center’s Innovative Partnerships Program.

The folks at Marshall directed David to Kennedy Space Center, where he teamed up with a group of engineers from USBI who were developing a roof coating out of recycled car tires that would be applied using the Marshall-developed convergent spray technology. The hardest problem they faced was creating a low-cost, yet highly effective, product that was safe and non-toxic. Since David had experience in this field a strategic partnership was formed.

Mr. Page had access to NASA information regarding the heat-reflecting tile used on the space shuttle and ceramic technology. Having an open line of communication between the engineers at Marshall and USBI. After a year of collaboration as well as additional testing with Dr. Heinz Poppendiek of the San Diego-based Geoscience Ltd., a research and development firm specializing in heat transfer, fluid flow, mass transfer, micro meteorology, biophysics, engineering design, system fabrication, product evaluation, and the measurement of thermal, mechanical, and fluid properties, Page felt that he had a product ready for market.

He was able to incorporate this technology via a proprietary modification and manufacturing process into the Insuladd line of insulating paints, primer, and roof coatings. These products continue to lead the way in this technology.

The Insuladd solution is safe, economical, “green” and effective and is available world wide through Insuladd Environmental Products Ltd and international distribution network. Insuladd E-Coat Insulating Roof and Wall coating has earned the ENERGY STAR certification and has had much acclaim by U.S and international media. The Insuladd line of insulating paint products are non-solvent, low VOC and California code compliant.

Insuladd Environmental Products has seen a number of companies spring up that claim to have NASA technology. These companies are simply adding common microsphere products to paints or selling them as “insulating additives for paint” Insuladd Environmental Products Ltd recommends that consumers look closely for real and verifiable 3rd party laboratory testing prior to purchasing any product that claims to be an insulating paint or insulating additive.

With crude oil prices rising at frightening rates it is expected that energy costs will follow. You can be assured that Insuladd Environmental Products will continue its work in providing real products that help owners reduce their heating and cooling expenses in a safe and efficient, cost effective manner!