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Visitor/User Agreement

By accessing or using this website, the user agrees to all the terms and conditions we stick to, these are:

  • The user is not allowed to share the password(s). The end-user is responsible for maintaining its (their) confidentiality regarding ShoppingHoo.com
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  • The minimum age required for using this site is 13 years, however, the users who are 13 or older but younger than 18 must tell their parents about using this site so they accept the terms and conditions.

Service Quality

We try more than our best to keep the overall website available for our users. However, there are times when access to the website (content/services/functionalities) is not possible because of interruption or termination without any prior notice due to factors. Such issues may or may not be under the control of ShoppingHoo.com. Hence, we are not responsible for any data loss during transmission to or from the website.

End-User Equipment

When the end-user visits or accesses this site, ShoppingHoo.com is not responsible for any damage if caused to hardware or software equipment. We do not accept any responsibility for any mishap.

Variation in the Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are not final which means that they can be changed or modified by ShoppingHoo.com whenever needed. So, it is requested to keep a check on the Terms and Conditions when visiting this site.

Refund Policy

If you purchase anything through our platform i.e. ShoppingHoo.com, and if the product is not working properly or you find any sort of issue in it, you need to contact our support team via email within three working days of US.

We can change the product(s) only if you let us know within 3 days. Also, please note that we don’t refund the amount paid.